November 22, 2006

encaustic collage

Encaustic (unbleached bees wax) with copper and tissue on primed wood.

silk bowl 2

This is the second bowl. This one is made from several layers of silk hankies (squares of unspun made from a single cocoon), and formed over a bowl. I put this one in the oven for a bit, and it heat-bonded the medium quite well. It is gossamer thin, and see-through in most places, yet it stands on it's own, and retains it's shape, even after gentle hand-washing.

silk bowls

It has been a while since I posted, so I am posting a few images today. I wanted to try making bowls from silk paper, and this is my initial attempt. I am using Jo Sonya's Textile Medium which is great for leaving the final product still feeling like silk, but it requires heat to set it, which is very difficult when the material is in a bowl shape (kind of hard to iron). I was using a balloon resting in a bowl for the basic mold, and after it dried, it was quite difficult to iron properly.