April 15, 2007

Quinacridone Luminesce II

This is another abstract using quinacridone crimson and pearlescent powder. I love the contrast with the stark black lines. It is 16x20, acrylic on canvas.

Sunrise over the prairies

This is a little acrylic painting (5x7) of the sunrise over a farm on the prairies. This is a very common scene in winter, when the night is incredibly dark, and the sunrises are spectacular.

Lighthouse, Halifax Harbour

I enjoyed the movement expressed in Emily Carr's style so much, I thought I would apply it to this lighthouse scene. Some of the fluidity and movement is lost in the digitization, but the original is quite stunning.
16x20 oil on canvas

April 13, 2007

Blue Heron

I decided to experiment with water soluble oils on this blue heron. They are a wonderful medium - smooth and buttery like regular oils, but clean up with water and soap.

16x20 oil on canvas

April 6, 2007

Carr painting

I have been painting quite a bit this past week but haven't taken any pictures of the finished product for posting. However, I did take a picture of this copy of an Emily Carr painting that I like. Her use of color was incredible, and the flowing forms evoke the swaying trees and the overpowering energy of the west coast rain forest. I find her style quite exciting, and plan to explore more of the Fauve/Group of Seven styles.