July 17, 2009

Earth Goddess

I made it! This art doll represents the earth element and was completed for the Art Dolls Only Elements Challenge.
This is my Earth Goddess. She is wearing a snow white gown and a spring green cape. She likes to keep her feet bare, so she can feel the grass between her toes, and she needs a crystal ball to learn the future of her planet....

July 16, 2009

Hand, hand, fingers, toes ...

...eyes and ears, mouth and nose.

I have had more than my fair share of troubles with this one, and she just didn't want to be ready for tomorrow. Perhaps she thinks it takes some of the mystery out of being the goddess of Earth if people know what she looks like.
My decisions to go outside my comfort zone and make a much larger doll, and to experiment with a new armature based on Dawn's tutorial probably didn't help much, either.
I think she will be ready for the unveilling tomorrow, though!

July 6, 2009

More encaustics

I have been enjoying playing with encaustics, in between sculpting my challenge doll, of course!), and I thought I would post a few images. These two are small (4 inches square).

This one is a bit larger (7 inches square):
They are all painted on solid board.