July 5, 2006

Encaustic landscape two

This painting was an attempt at creating a landscape using encaustics. I used a combination of encaustics I created myself, and wax crayons. I have included the picture at three stages, to show how it developed.

The first was just intended to create an overall background to lead the painting in the general direction of a landscape.

The next stage involved adding the drops of color, which I had thought would look like flowers, but it just ended up looking totally abstract because I couldn't get teh drips small enough. This technique would work great as a Jackson Pollock type abstract, but I was going for a landscape, so I decided to try to salvage it. I starting using the heated tip of a soldering iron to draw trees and plants in the encaustic paint, and it seemed to improve the image, so I kept going.

Encaustic is a difficult medium to work with - it gets muddy very quickly, and it is difficult to keep the colors clear. I ended up scraping away a lot of paint before I was satisfied enough to stop.

This is the final finished painting. It is still somewhat abstract, but it is very clearly a landscape.

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ming said...

this is really really nice:)

i liked how you worked up the layers..looks like you put alot of joy into the painting