August 12, 2006

Abstract Floral on stained canvas

I haven't had a lot of time to do artwork, due to all the normal interferences of life, but I finally managed to get a chance to start a new painting yesterday. This one is an abstract floral picture painted with acrylics on raw untreated canvas, using a staining technique similar to watercolor. I have done some like this before, although I worked with canvases already mounted on the stretcher bars, so it was a bit easier to control the color flow.

I started by machine washing the canvas to remove all the sizing and whatever else is coating the raw canvas. I decided to work with one color at a time for this painting, because the colors tend to mix and get muddy if I use several colors at once on a wet canvas.

I started with the few circles, and they looked perfect. By the next day, however, they had bled further than I anticipated, because I was too liberal with the water. There is also a crease across the canvas from the washing process, and it won't come out no matter how many times I iron the canvas, and the paint pools a bit there, so it may have to become a staight-line element in the painting, like a stick or something.

This picture shows the canvas on my table, after I reapplied color to some parts of the painting. It was wet when I took the picture, so it will fade as it dries.

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