April 2, 2008

Costa Rica

We returned from Costa Rica on Sunday night (actually Monday morning), and it took me a couple of days to recover and feel rested and 'normal' again. Although I took all the supplies along, I didn't do anything creative, other than taking a lot of pictures. I don't feel confident of my drawing skills anomore, and didn't want to draw where people could see the results, so it was difficult to find enough isolated time when I could do any drawing or painting.

I am disappointed in the results of the pictures too, because I seem to have trouble getting the auto focus to actually work, but I am hoping that there are one or two good ones in the lot. It was nice to have the digital cameras instead of the film camera, because I gelt free to take a lot more shots, but in the end, I think film is still superior. I always come home with a few awesome shots if I have the film camera, but can't say the same about the digital.

I will go through and try to find some good images, and will tell you all about our experiences in Costa Rica over the next few days.

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