September 15, 2008

creative bits - palmistry hand charm

I have been puttering with a few different things, but nothing is finished enough to share. I often get a bunch of different projects underway in the winter, and if I don't finish them by the time spring arrives, they sit until the following fall, waiting for something to pique my interest in completing them. So, I have been working on completing a suit jacket and matching skirt, removing wallpaper in two rooms, and sculpting a few doll heads. I was making one out of papier mache, but I also finally splurged on some Creative Paperclay to experiment with making a doll head using some acrylic eyes I had lying around. It is wonderful stuff, and I am kicking myself for not trying it sooner. It is SOOO much nicer than polymer clay, and there is none of the risk of having it crack as it cures and it won't get crumbly like polymer clay does if it isn't cured just right. I will post when I get something worth looking at. The clay is quite soft and maleable, so I am developing the head in stages.

As I was digging through my stash to find items that could be used for an assemblage, I came across a few items left over from a swap I did a couple of years ago. The swap required one book page to be tipped into an altered book (or bound separately, which is what I did), and a plastic bag of items to be used for additional pages, all on the theme of Shadows and Dreams. I made little polymer skulls and palmistry hands made from shrink plastic as book charms. For some reason I had a hand left over that wasn't shrunk, so I finished it up on Saturday while I was making pot stickers.

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