October 18, 2008

Tea time watercolor

Most of my creative time has been consumed by the assignments for the watercolour course I am taking, and since the course is introductory, the assignments are all quite ugly and not worth sharing. The mixing exercises are quite useful, because I have focused on using unmixed colors in the past, and haven't really learned a lot about mixing. I also prefer pure color to mixed and more dull colors, but knowing how to mix colors is still valuable learning. However, they really aren't worth sharing. The assignments in class are also quite unimaginative and uninspiring, which for some reason seems to be the norm. Perhaps there is some teaching theory for art that says that making students paint ugly broken crap is a good teaching approach.

I finally had a homework assignment that I thought was worth sharing. It was supposed to be a bunch of boxes and plain shapes using one color, but I couldn't stand the thought of painting more crap, so I added a few interesting elements that could create a story.

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