December 7, 2008


I haven't been doing any painting for a few days, because I have been remodelling a spare room. The room has been used for storage for all my artwork. It has been piling up, but I hadn't realized how much there was until I had to move it all out of the room.
Some of it is quite difficult to store, like this 1/12 scale room I built many years ago. It is an alchemist's studio, and the alchemist has mysteriously disappeared.

There is a map on the table, spread out for close study.

One of the bell jars on the shelf even has a little fetus. There is gold and silver spilled on the floor, and glowing coals in the brazier.

It was great fun to make but now it just takes up room.

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KathrynAntyr said...

Such details! What is it about miniatures that is so fascinating?