January 20, 2009

Abstract made with interior housepaint

This is a painting made with a bit of leftover paint from the recent reno project. It isn't stretched yet, but will be about 2 feet x 3 feet when finished.


Jennifer said...

LOVE the colors and the contrast between the softness of the pink and the starkness of the black.

creative side said...

I am a multimedia artist too. I was looking for studio organization tips and came across your blog. It is fabulous and inspiring and you sound a bit like my twin (though I don't have one). We have recently moved to a house half the size of our previous one, so that means my art studio is half as big. I appreciated your comments on the right mix of creative/storage and have also noted that organization is an ongoing topic for you. I had a teacher in the past who told me that no work is finished until the studio has been cleaned up. I aspire to that instruction, though have never conquored it. I think that because multimedia artists are so multifaceted, we have a strong tendency to accumulate. I'm in the process of trying to find harmony between what I "may" use and what I want to use. I value open space. For me it is the negative space in life that creates interest. Thanks for sharing on your blog. I will definitely add it to my favorites. I wish we could communicate by email. Marilyn