April 14, 2009


Rather than work on any of the sixteen projects I currently have underway, I decided to pull out my encaustic materials on the weekend and work on a rather large (for encaustics) painting. I spent a full day working on it, and another day struggling to make it look like the image in my mind. I finally decided to put it aside, because it simply wasn't working. I don't know if I will bother to spend the time scraping the wax off so I can reuse the board (it is a lovely 2 feet square), or just chuck the whole thing in the garbage. How frustrating! and a waste of a lot of time on the long weekend that would have been better spent raking grass.


creative side said...

Nothing is a waste if there is enjoyment or something learned from it. Sometimes I need down time or learning time and I just let myself play. My studio is tiny, so I think I have to focus on what I know and love and wait for another lifetime for encaustic, marbling, and rock carving.

Susan Shaw said...

That is so true Marilyn. It is hard to remember that I was learning while I was playing, and even though the painting didn't work, at least now I know what NOT to do!