December 13, 2009

Pod creatures

I took an online course from Pattee's (Odd-Dolls) Ning site. It was a lot of fun, and Pattee did a great job of demonstrating all her techniques. It was fascinating learning how other people put together a face - she used a really unique approach. I got carried away and made four, and haven't even used the eyes she sent with the kit. This was great fun!

I think this one is my favorite: and one peeking out of a shell:


creative side said...

Where DO you get the ideas for these adorable creatures. They seem so impossible and yet believable at the same time.

Betzie said...

These are just so so adorable...I read your profile and saw you went to the University of Alberta. My son recently applied there for Grad School(Accounting)...hoping he gets in! He loves Canada.
Thanks for visitng my blog. betzie xoxo