January 16, 2012

Although I haven't posted in a while, I have been doing a variety of different creative ventures. I finally signed up for the introduction to silversmithing through Bedrock, and absolutely LOVED the course. We learned how to solder, make rings, two kinds of settings (bezel and tube), and pierced metal. It was so great and so inspiring. I signed up for an on-line newsletter called Jewelry Making Daily, and won this book!


This is an absolutely fabulous book. Before I took the course, it would have all seemed quite daunting and mysterious, but now that I understand some of the terms, I can see that this book has such a wealth of information that it will become one of my main references from now on. Each technique has a section providing details about what it is and what it does, and then there are little projects to follow along and try the technique. It seemed small (190 pages in soft binding), but it has an encyclopedia worth of information packed into the pages.

Definitely worth the investment at twice the price.

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creative side said...

Wow! A silversmithing course! I have always been interested in metal smithing and have some good books on it, but I haven't known of anyone that has taken a course. Was it an online course? I have a lot of metal working tools and even a few sheets of non silver stock, but have been daunted by the knowledge required and not knowing what tools to get. I'd love to know more. Are you on facebook? If you want to befriend me I could give you my number so we could exchange calls. I have free calls to Canada. Just look Marilyn New in Redmond, WA.