April 1, 2011

Silver Clay Zoi

I mentioned to someone the other day that I had purchased a silver clay kiln, and that I wanted to try a 'zoi pin. She asked if I had enough skill to do a decent job, and I must admit I did hesitate before answering. I had to try it immediately, and I think it came out OK. What do you think? It was quite a bit larger before I fired it, but this is a nice petite size. I'm not sure it is worth the $60 in materials, though. And so far it is just a flat image of a 'zoi - I still don't know how to do silver solder, so it doesn't have a pin back yet. Next lesson, silver solder!

1 comment:

Amber Dawn Inventive Soul said...

VERY NICE! Great detail and good pose!
The clay is expensive. I find though that if you have the skill and a brilliant idea, it's nice to be able to capture it in a good metal which can become an heirloom piece.