February 21, 2008

Not just another day

It was an absolutely spectacular day. I had to run errands at lunch, which I avoid like the plague. However, the break from the routine always brings a new awareness of my surroundings, and makes the day special. I don't like just going for a walk in the area where I work, and I can't afford to go shopping every day, so I usually just stay in and work through lunch.

But today I had to go across town to pick up a supply of contact lenses. It was a beautiful, clear and sunny day. There is still lots of snow, but the temperature was above freezing, and it felt like early spring. On the way, I passed a house on a busy street that had a tiny, handkerchief-sized front yard with a chicken wire fence around it, and a huge pile of snow in the middle. Two big labs were perched on top of this pile of snow, getting the best view of the street possible. It was so funny to look at, but I couldn't stop in the middle of heavy traffic to get a picture.

I also stopped in at Hallmark cards, and found this adorable little rabbit, which I HAD to buy.

The vapour trails from the jets seemed to stay in the sky forever, and I managed to take this picture of two big Xs. I started the 365 photo project as a way of infusing more creativity and awareness into every day.

I also managed to get a few pages written for a fiction book, while watching the total eclipse of the moon.

You can't get a better day than that!

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