March 12, 2008

I have a lot of partially completed projects that I have stored away over the years. Often I get halfway through and find I need a particulary supply or something that I don't have, and the project gets put on hold until I can find or buy the missing item. Then it gets packed away for some reason or other, and I never get back to it. Other times, it isn't working the way I thought it would, and rather than go with it, and risk embarassment if someone should see a failed attempt, I hide it away, waiting for some kind if inspiration that will resolve the ugliness and let me make it into something wonderful.

I had a lot of failed attempts at doll making too, before I heard about Art Dolls. I thought that dolls all had to look perfect, and life-like and beautiful. Then I saw images of other people's interpretations of the doll - funny, quirky and sometimes ugly on purpose. That inspiration gives me new purpose to finish those ugly attempts, and turn them into something that makes a statement, or makes someone laugh.

And it gives me an excuse to dig out 'failures' and turn them into successses, which has got to be a good thing!

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